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2015 Annual Executive Report

2015 Annual Executive Report

By Paula Canup, President

Mountain Regional Arts and Crafts Guild, Inc.

Our vision is “A world where quality art and crafts as well as art education are valued and accessible to all”

January of 2015 began with our first annual planning meeting when the board spent an afternoon discussing plans for the New Year, including the application for grants, plans for shows sponsored by the guild and ideas to increase revenue for our store.

Our Ways and Means committee applied for and received a $2500 grant from Georgia Council for the Arts to help defray the costs of our summer children’s classes. These classes were offered at a much-reduced fee and effort was made to reach out to disadvantaged children who received vouchers for free classes. 21 classes were held with an average of 8 students per class. Plans were made for a children’s art exhibit to be placed in the local library during Youth Art Month in March.

To qualify for the grant, members worked hard to solicit donations from local sponsors to match the grant. Sponsors were recognized in the local newspapers and students received tee-shirts with sponsor names imprinted on the back.

The guild’s web site and Facebook page were updated and kept current in the past year. The publicity chair made sure that our local papers always carried news of new classes offered. As funds for advertising are limited, we took advantage of every opportunity to get free advertising. This year, the guild increased the number of adult classes offered at our store, ArtWorks. Classes are now offered each month, and class fees brought in additional revenue.

The store received cash donations for the purpose of installing spotlights for the artwork in the store. This was installed by a member of the guild. The additional lighting greatly enhances the appearance of our wall art.

Our guild sponsored three large arts and crafts shows at a local community college. All three shows were successful and well-attended. Our largest show, Mistletoe Market in November, was the most successful ever with over 1200 in attendance. In addition to the guild-sponsored shows, the guild had a booth for members to sell their art in the Georgia Mountain Fair and the Georgia Mountain Fall Festival.

In regard to our store, ArtWorks, the guild established a store committee to meet regularly to make recommendations for management of the store. The standards for the admission of artwork in the store were updated and given out to members. Also, training was carried out for all volunteers who work in the store.

The store updated its credit card system with the purchase of a new IPad that can be used in the store or at shows in other locations. We subscribed to the Intuit system for our credit cards; all workers received training in how to use the system.

Our store participated in the “Shop Small” drive in our local community. Some members also attended a chamber of commerce seminar to learn more about having an effective board of directors. In addition, the guild had a booth in a local business expo sponsored by the Towns County Chamber of Commerce. Members have participated in chamber After Hours networking. Our guild had an exhibit in our local fair and won a ribbon plus a $50 prize.

2015 was a productive year of change and growth for the Mountain Regional Arts and Crafts Guild. Membership in the guild continued to grow. In 2014, we had 62 members. In January of 2016, we are up to 86 members. Our gallery store, ArtWorks, provided a venue for our members to sell their work, as well as space to offer classes to the community. As the guild has no paid staff, all of this was accomplished through the volunteer efforts of our members and the generous donations from our community.

Our priority for 2016 is to improve store revenues through increased advertising and apply for grants to assist with operating expenses. It was necessary for the guild to provide $8,000 of support for overhead costs of our store in 2015. A summary of our 2015 finances follows:

Total Income from all sources $67,767.77

Total Expenses $61,587.55

Net Income $ 6,180.22

Bank Accounts as of 12/31/15 $ 7,901.57