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Artworks Artists & Crafters

Bill Bates

Bill was an award winning photographer for the Fort Lauderdale News/Sun. He moved to the mountains of North Georgia and fell in love with the beautiful scenery. He has managed to capture the magic of the area. His iconic vistas framed in barnwood are a compliment to each other and his legacy.

Keith Beaty

Keith Beaty discovered his love of woodworking after moving to the North Georgia mountains in 1999. He began taking classes at the John C. Campbell Folk School, initially in instrument building - dulcimers, banjos, and "campbellins." But it was a Christmas gift of a lathe, along with a Folk School pen-turning class, that really fueled his artistic endeavors. Keith now sells his handcrafted pens in gift shops and craft fairs locally, and he is a member of the Mountain Regional Arts and Crafts Guild in Hiawassee, GA. He has also been an assistant instructor in a number of Folk School classes since 2009.

Linda Bell

Linda has been creating hooked rugs and wall hangings since 1980. She has attended Teachers' Workshops for 25 years and presently teaches at her home studio as well as other locals throughout the southeastern United States. She cuts and dyes her own wool and not only creates rugs but also flower pins which are popular gift items at ArtWorks.

Jane Berry

My name is Jane Berry and I live in Suches, Georgia. I make wheel-thrown, functional pottery. I especially like to make bowls of different sizes and shapes. I use a stoneware clay body and I make my own glazes, which are lead free, food safe, dishwasher and oven safe. Much of my work is inspired by early American folk pottery which was made for everyday use. If you have purchased a piece, I thank you, and I hope you will enjoy using it.

Marilyn Bostrom

Marilyn started sewing at age 6 and took her first professional class in Chicago at age 10. Her love of sewing has continued throughout her life.

In 1991 she bought her first embroidery machine to embellish quilts and other small sewing projects. She has taught sewing to children and adults. Her work is available at Artworks Gallery and craft shows.

Judy Brotherton

A career nurse, Judy moved to Hiawassee 13 years ago to be near her family. Her interest in quilting began when she took a class at Log Cabin Quilts, which some will remember was located in the cabin on Main Street in Hiawassee. After taking the class, she became a "self-taught" quilter, experimenting with various fabrics and patterns. She is particularly fond of fashioning her quilts, using vintage fabrics from the 1930's and '40's, feed sacks and sometimes "settles" for reproductions of some

older fabrics that go as far back as the Civil War. Judy uses both standard quilting patterns as well as some of her own creations to make table runners, baby quilts and very large bedding quilts.

Jim Brownlee

Jim spent his early career in the old gold camps of Colorado where he developed an early interest in woodworking as an art form. After a long career in residential and commercial construction, he settled into a life in the mountains that suits him perfectly. Still active in light construction, his main efforts are geared to his love of artful woodworking. He and his wife Patti, live in a renovated log home with a small family of 4-legged wannabe humans!

Paula Canup

Paula began her second career as an artist eight years ago when she retired from teaching history and moved to the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. She paints in acrylics, oils and pastels, specializing in landscapes and pet portraits. Paula has been teaching on-going adult classes in acrylics and oils for several years. Her classes at Artworks are open to beginning as well as experienced artists.

Joyce Clair

Joyce has a passion for painting landscapes with transparent watercolors. Her representational impressionist style is noted for bright, clear colors and dramatic light. She also works with alcohol inks on tiles and other surfaces. Joyce teaches classes at ArtWorks and other locales, encouraging students to be bold and fearless. A former student at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, D.C. and the Maryland Institute of Art. Joyce has attended numerous drawing and watercolor workshops. She leads a group of "plein air" painters to local scenic spots twice a month.

Penny Ferre

A self-taught artist, painting has always interested Penny. With minimal formal training, art books and materials in hand, she began painting "mini-masters" which are miniature copies of the old masters. Penny says this endeavor is both challenging and gratifying. She also does pyrography, (creating woodburned plaques and candle holders) and handpainted wooden and clay jewelry.

Cheryl Gehring

Cheryl, a self-taught artist creates works of art through research, books and trial and error. She is currently focused on painting with acrylic mixed media. A multi-faceted artist, Cheryl also enjoys the challenge of digital art, working with polymer clay, creating jewelry using acrylic plastics and alcohol inks, and photography. She believes that art is a way an artist interprets the world.

Glenn Gudger

Fascinated by the stones that he found at the Mason Mines in Cherokee, NC and other parts of the us, Glenn became a lapidarist. He enhances his collection of semi-precious stones using cabochon cutting, faceting and polishing. He has begun using his lapidary equipment to create decorative counter and patio lights, wind chimes and glassware on wine bottles and other "found" glass items.

Ruth Gudger

A native of Towns County, Ruth followed her father's plow in search of "pretty rocks". This became a lifelong collection when she and husband Glenn gathered more semi-precious stones in Cherokee, NC and other locations throughout the US. Having all these stones led Ruth to the William Holland Lapidary School in Young Harris, Ga. where she enrolled in jewelry making classes such as wire wrapping, chain maille with jump rings and fused silver wires. Her jewelry at ArtWorks represents a wide variety of processes and stones.

Roland Hardee

A resident of Hayesville North Carolina, Roland creates beautiful bowls, lamps, tables and other decorative and useful wood pieces. In working with wood, Roland, who calls himself 'sawdust anointed' says,"Each project seems to require that I learn a new skill or technique; so with each day in my shop, there is a life lesson learned. An old block of wood becomes beautiful and/or useful when the waste and unnecessary are removed."

Glynda Kendall

Glynda is the creator of "Softies", "feel good" critters that are baby and child friendly. Her colorful dolls, animals, sailboats and even hatchets are hand-embroidered and double sewn for safety and a long life of love. Glynda credits her Mom with teaching her the basics of art while encouraging her to make the most of her imagination.

Barbara Keyes

Barb's philosophy is: if it doesn't move-Paint it! She has been a decorative painter for 21 years painting on furniture, walls, gourds, glass, windows, fabric, wood and even faces. The past 4 years she has been taking watercolor classes . Learning new mediums is always a challenge but it keeps boredom at bay. Her most requested items are her Santa gourds. She enjoys teaching at ArtWorks from alcohol inks, glass to decorative painting.

Mary Lengnick

Incorporating beading, wire wrapping and silver smithing, Mary creates fine pieces of beautiful artistic jewelry. Being intrigues by the myriad of available beads, crystals and stones led her to learn more through numerous workshops and classes at the William Holland Lapidary School. ArtWorks is very proud to have Mary's creative jewelry in our store.

Jeanne Matheny

The fine art by Jeanne is created in both acrylic and oils. She enjoys painting elements in nature such as flowers, fish, birds and other wildlife. She is the owner of "Backroads Less Travelled Maps" which are outdoor adventure maps of the Southern Appalachian mountain areas. The maps, which include areas of Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee are available at ArtWorks.

Annette Modesto

In order to honor her late husband Annette took private lessons in stained glass in 2004. She has always liked the varied colors, design possibilities and artistry of glass. She designs pieces with lead or copper foil. Her current work includes Depression glass, broken China angels and various designs of nature.

Bill Persick, B.S., M.A., Phd.

"In creating ceramic form, I seek to inculcate a pleasing experience via process, color, form and ideation."

Bill had an illustrious academic career culminating at Jacksonville University in Florida. He founded and taught a program in design, sculpture, ceramics and glass blowing for 21 years. His ceramics have been included in local, national and international exhibits as well as in several museum's permanent collections. A Lifetime member of the Guild, his pieces have been part of the ArtWorks offerings since 2006.

Deborah Sellers

A former Public Health nurse, Deborah lived in Sitka, Alaska prior to her retirement and return to Towns County. "Moving to Sitka gave me the opportunity to travel in southeast Alaska and those travels have provided the inspiration for many of my recent paintings."

She presently paints full time, both in oils and watercolors. Many of her watercolors are created as a collage of torn rice paper mounted on watercolor paper.

Steven Smith

As a child of the 50 & 60's Steven always embraced art and music. Rock and Roll, then the Navy as an electronic technician. After that he entered into the computer industry until retirement in 2014. Moving to the mountains has allowed Steven and his wife, Judy, to return to their favorite pastimes. Judy is active in the community choir. Steven has taken up painting in watercolor and oils. He also makes his own "floating frames" for his art.

Ann Thompson, GWS

A Signature member of the Georgia Watercolor Society and an award winning artist in oils, watercolors and mixed media. Ann's paintings have been published in the Georgia Heritage Center's Experience Art, the International artist publication "How Did You Paint That" and Rabun's Laurel Magazine. She accepts commissions for "Pet Portraits" at ArtWorks and is presently experimenting in abstract painting and mixed media.

Anne Wolf

Anne became hooked on weaving at the John C. Campbell Folk School in the 1980's, Her first loom arrived as a kit which she assembled herself. She has since gone on to bigger and better looms. A Lifetime member of the Guild,she has been with ArtWorks since its inception. Anne weaves mug rugs, towels, table runners, vests and ponchos She is always looking for new ideas, patterns or yarn.